How it works

1. Book your warehouse now easily online, no matter where. Book online today and choose from several payment options. Once you have booked, you are charged once a month on the date you signed up.

2. Immediately after your booking you will receive an email confirmation with the access code to your personal warehouse.

3. Drive to your warehouse for the first time from Monday to Sunday between 6 am and 22 pm and open the door with your access code. From then on you can use, open and close your warehouse flexibly any day between 6 am and 22pm.

4. Please make sure that your warehouse is always locked with padlock, so your things are as safe as possible!      

5. Just use your warehouse for as long as you need it, but at least 1month. You can cancel your warehouse at any time with a notice period of just 1 month. The termination is very easy via our online tenant portal or by email.

6. After you have given notice, remember to remove your padlock and clear out your warehouse completely and leave it swept clean. We will then transfer your deposit back to your account after a short time. Thanks very much!